All subliminal messages are silent
(only the subconscious mind hears)
watch 3 times a day for 3 weeks or put it
on loop for sleeping

You can seduce women without saying a word

This session will by pass your conscious mind and send positive affirmations in your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is where all the action is really happening.

The following subliminal messages are used this session

I seduce women without words
I attract beautiful women with style
I easily attract gorgeous women with my smell
I attract hot girls
women love the way I move
I bring out the sensual animal in women
I attract women fast
I am confident
i naturally know how to talk to women
I am smart
I have charisma
hot women unconsciously ask me for attention
I have pretty women buy me things
I have an alpha mind
I am charming
i am smart
I am magnetic
I am followed by women
women seek my attention
women enjoy my presence
Women naturally like me
women trust me
women intuitively trust me
I am strongly desired by women
I am wanted by women
My power over women is unlimited
my power over women is natural

Subliminal messages are embedded in this video. The purpose is to implant positive thoughts and enhance a persons interaction with your love interest.

When it’s time to make that move and bring things to that physical level,
paying attention to your own mind is the most important thing. Your own mind is your closest ally and enemy at the same time.

What’s in your head is more important than what’s in your wallet. Guard your attitude like Fort Knox guards it gold. But, for some of
us we need to get the gold first.

When you feel something for a women, you most likely know what comes next. The physical level.

“Should I touch her “

“Should I invite her out more?“

“Should I just grab her and kiss her and see how she reacts?“

When it comes to the physical most men are ready, but don’t move ahead. If it’s about the first kiss or first anything, you need the right head game.

Women are repelled by too forward, they draw back. We have all had that type of experience.

The good news is there are signs.

When a woman is ready to be seduced, and you move too slow, that’s not good,either.

Responding to these signs must come natural. Women do subconscious things that the average man misses. Because women are taught to be

subtle. As opposed to spending years learning how to notice and respond to these subtle hints, a daily regimen of positive subliminal

affirmation sessions will implant the format to read these clues. A good session will correct decades of “stinkin thinking” and provide
the foundation necessary to read the tea leaves