Subliminal Hypnosis for overcoming approach anxiety Dominant male inner game

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Watch this video twice a day for three weeks to strengthen your inner game.


What is Approach Anxiety?

Approach anxiety is that panicky feeling you get when you can’t bring yourself to realize that women are not a threat. Meeting  a cute girl will bring positive results.

And lots of guys are fighting with it.

For me, it was a self image issue that manifested into negative reactions and bad thought patterns. We  lacked the confidence to meet women

So how did we repair this? We need to start  improving ourselves by doing exactly what you’re doing right now .  Changing the subconscious thoughts that are driving the negative thoughts and reactions. It will take a little while, but soon find out who you really are by finding the absolute confidence you actually posses way down deep.

Most of us have never been diagnosed with clinical anxiety disorder.

Just because you have approach anxiety,  doesn’t translate into an anxiety disorder, but having one will make introducing yourself to women  in a big way more difficult… But, not completely out of the question.

So if meeting women makes you suffer, it’s completely normal. Just relax and enjoy the butterflies. Some women(people) will like you. Some women (people) will not. So what. Whose next.

Subliminal hypnosis with isochronic sounds and binaural beats to help you overcome approach anxiety. Combined with positive subliminal affirmations that will enhance your inner game. While using this powerful and time tested self hypnosis you will suddenly feel yourself at home in most interactive communications with women.

This will implant thoughts into your subconscious that will enhance your interactions with people in general and with women in particular. Although this is not medical treatment because I am not a doctor. The mental medication embedded in these videos were quite helpful in social settings.

Subliminal affirmations used this session

I am an alpha male

I am dominant

I am always relaxed and calm

I am calm and strong

Others see me as powerful and confident

My being is rock solid

All women are naturally attracted to me

I take the lead in any situation

I am totally support myself

I speak with clarity

I will transform into an alpha male

Every day I grow more powerful

I am take the lead in social situations

My core personality is becoming more powerful and dominant

Others notice my self confident attitude

People respect me

I will always speak wisely

Women will be naturally drawn to me

Women see me as a respectful and dominant

I will strengthen my dominant traits