Subliminal attraction for shy guys | Become irresistible to women subliminal messages

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Subliminal Messages are embedded in this music video.

Listen to this video for three weeks and twice a day. You will

observe a massive change in your experiences with women.

Approach the nice lady cause they want boyfriends too.

No means next.

Some will.

Some won’t.

So what.


Advice concerning asking out your crush and still maintaining your fragile dignity.

Women understand subtlety.

Subliminal attraction methods for shy men who want to become irresistible to women.

Subliminal messages in this session:

I am always confident around women

I always talk to women with confidence

I listen to women with my whole body

i find it easy to have conversations with women

I am playful with women

I am respectful with women

women find me interesting

women love the way i talk

women feel my presence when I am in the room

women can feel my love and respect

women love the way I talk

women love the way I walk

I always speak to women

I always have good conversations with women

Some will

some won’t

so what

I have a sense of what women want

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