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Three Stooges

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Curly Howard-The three stooges

Curly howard of the three stooges. Comedy shorts in black and white. Funniest episodes and performances. Funny moments, epic moments in physical slapstick comedy. Curly, larry and Moe memorialized.

Definition of the word Stooge

Definition of stooge. (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : one who plays a subordinate or compliant role to a principal. b : puppet sense 3. 2 : straight man.

Last surviving member of the 3 Stooges

Curly Joe DeRita, the last surviving member of the Three Stooges team of hard-edged slapstick comedians, died on Saturday in Los Angeles. He was 83 and had been living at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills, Calif., for two years.Jul 5, 1993

what happened to Curly

Moe found Curly slumped over in his chair with crying: Curly had suffered another stroke. Curly was taken to the Motion Picture Country Home and Hospital to get better. His career as a Stooge was now effectively over. He was replaced in the act by his older brother Shemp.Jan 18, 2012