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The Subliminal Situation

The fine lady sitting at the other end of the event peeks over, catches your eye, and then uses up several seconds gazing directly at you. Your younger sister, a liar at heart, stares directly into your eyes as she fibs to you about her problems at the shopping mall that made her almost miss your lunch date. Your secretary locking her gaze on you for several seconds as you give her the list of work projects for the next event. What does it mean when a woman looks at you or directly into your eyes? Well, it depends. It depends on the situation. And it depends on the quirks of her gaze.

   None of this really matters. Unless your subconscious mind is cluttered with negative thoughts. Even the most pleasant of occurrences can end up costing you bad karma, if your mind is not right. So, lets get your mind right.   Change your thoughts and change the  situation. Or, at least your response to any situation.

The Love Response

The main  reason that a woman would look directly into your eyes is that it is a sign of desire. Excluding your sister and your co-workers.  What Does It Mean?  Approach a woman who shows this type of attraction through eye contact. You don’t have to miss these missed moments of opportunity on a daily basis.  Take advantage of a good thing while the getting is good. Look for the center of a woman’s eyes  to get larger. If the room is dark or the women has had a few drinks, you might need to piece together a few more signs. But, in everyday matters this is a good first sign.  Once again, the situation must be taken into account.



Example of Subliminal affirmations used this session include the following


I am always confident around women

women always talk to me

I always talk to women with confidence

women always want my attention

I listen to women with my whole body

women find me interesting

I find it easy to have conversations with women

women see me as attractive

I am playful with women

women touch me playfully

I am respectful with women

I unconsciously attract women

women find me interesting

women ask me lots of questions

women love the way i talk

women look for me everywhere

women feel my presence when I am in the room

Gorgeous women like me

I attract women on a subconsciously

Hot women chase me

I know how to get women to approach me

I approach girls all the time

And you know how to get girls to approach YOU

Gorgeous women approach me daily

You attract women on a subconscious level

women can feel my love and respect

women love the way I talk

women love the way I walk

I always speak to women

I always have good conversations with women

women love to love me

How subliminal messages work


Subliminal messages work if there is a strong desire for change. The mind has an inner narrator that observes and comments. If the inner narrator’s comments are positive then life is positive. If the your inner narrator’s comments are negative then your life is negative. What this practice does is plants affirmative positive thoughts subconsciously. These thoughts change the commentary of your inner narrator to a more positive affirmative outlook. And, in turn changes your life.


Examples of everyday subliminal programming


Some examples of subliminal programming include:


  1. Commercials
  2. signs
  3. music
  4. videos
  5. bells in schools etc

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